About Us
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Daft Doris is an audio driven creative company, founded by Jamie East and Liam Thompson in 2020.

Just before the pandemic hit, the pair had been planning to launch a short daily news podcast that would take some of the best elements of radio news, wrap it in high quality production and deliver “7 things you didn’t know, you needed to know”.

That became The Smart 7, which launched in early April 2020 and has now had over 11million downloads.

They have since launched a Daily Sports News podcast, with Talksport veteran Mike Bovill and 2021 will see a slate of new productions as part of the Smart 7 brand family.

Along with creating daily podcasts, Daft Doris also offers production services for other podcasters, including nose to tail production and the creation of podcasts for brands, audio production and copywriting for podcast ads and consulting on audio projects.

Details of the Daft Doris production slate, the production rate card and contact details can all be found here.

The name? As with all iconic company brands, it was born from intense creative wrangling and millions of pounds worth of focus groups and is definitely not the nickname Jamie had for his Grandmother which he hastily used when filling out the form on Companies House.

Jamie East

Jamie is the co-founder of Daft Doris.

He was the creator of iconic gossip site Holy Moly, which he sold to Endemol Shine before becoming a broadcaster, presenter, journalist and producer with vast experience across all mediums, having worked for the biggest media brands over the past 20 years.

He’s a podcast veteran, producing and presenting chart-topping podcasts including the Smart 7, Dragoncast, Previously On, What to Watch on Netflix, and 10/10 Would Recommend.

Liam Thompson

Liam is the co-founder of Daft Doris.

He is a highly experienced radio programmer and audio creator who has worked in multiple markets across Ireland, the UK, Europe and the Middle East working with radio stations and a broader range of audio which includes podcasting, niche stations and social media as content has become increasingly atomisable.

Among the brands he’s launched are Spin 1038, Spin South West, Spin Jordan, Magic in the UK as a National brand and the new Virgin Radio UK on DAB, live from a moving train in 2016. He’s also won multiple awards for Station of the Year and for writing and production.

Nessa McGann

Nessa is an independent media consultant with over 25 years’ experience in radio programming and management. A member of the Programming committee for Radiodays Europe, Nessa was Content Director and Station Manager for the No.1 Regional youth station SPIN South West for 13 years.

She is project manager for #Ourstoprotect, Ireland's largest environmental programming initiative where her role is to project manage content output on climate action and climate change for 24 Irish commercial radio stations.

She oversees editorial and scheduling for all Daft Doris' news podcasts.

Lucie Lewis

Lucie has been involved with audio since taking over Loughborough Campus Radio while at university.

She has worked with local and national outlets, including the BBC, News UK, and a handful of community radio stations.

At Daft Doris, she works on The Smart 7, reading the news every day so you don't have to.

In her spare time, you'll find her baking, gardening, and lost in the stationery aisle of any given shop.