Our Services
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We’ve got the skills…

Podcasting can be a complicated business, whether booking guests or trying to get that edit done in time, so finding time to deliver a concise and effective live-read or ad for a client, can be an unnecessary pressure – or even something beyond your current production capabilities… That’s even before you get onto the really important things such as CTAs, key messaging, talking points all in roughly 60 seconds!

What you need is a creative production company that can take all of that extra pressure and turn it into a polished, professionally edited and mastered ad that your client will love…

Daft Doris is the Production company behind the Smart 7 family of podcasts – and we’re now offering an end-to-end solution for your podcast adverts – from client briefing and scriptwriting, a wide range of voice over artists, to our audio production and mastering house – all of which will give your advert that sprinkling of Magic Dust, helping your brand grab the audience by the ears.

Of course every brief is unique and with its own set of challenges – but the rate card below should be a helpful starting point. We’d love to discuss things further – so please do get in touch.

Our Ratecard*


  • Ad Production – Script written, voiced, produced
  • £600monthly
  • We will take the broadest of briefs and after close liaison with the client, develop your idea into a finished ad – including voice-over, production and mastering.
  • Fully voiced / produced ad
  • £450monthly
  • Got the script already? No problem, we’ll take care of the rest.


  • Script writing
  • £250monthly
  • Got the voice, but can’t get the script right? No problem.


  • Producing ad with podcaster voicing
  • £300monthly
  • Already have your voice? No problem, we can organise a professional remote record and integrate it seamlessly.


*As always, the devil is in the detail – All projects vary, so all prices are rough estimates. Please do drop us a line to discuss.